7 Days to Die

New 12K and 16K AtrumIsland-Burnt maps available

New AtrumIsland maps in 12K and 16K are now available 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501.  They are both working on 7 Days to Die – Alpha 19.3 Stable.

Feel free to download it to use on your private/public server 


AtrumIsland16K-Burnt is a 16K x 16K size with a bit of a different biome mix than the 12K






Atrum Island – PvP 12K x 12K +Serverside mods

Come join us on Atrumorbis Gaming – Atrum Island


Serverside MODS 

Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles

Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles

White River – Tools Of Citizenship Quests

Yet Another Larger Backpack Mod 60 Slot Backpack





Player Killing: Kill Everyone

Difficulty: Nomad

Air Drops: 3 days 

Loot Respawn: 3 days

Loot Abundance: 150%

Claim Size: 150 blocks

Claim Health Online: Infinite

Claim Health Offline: Infinite

Show friends on map: On


The current vehicle list, which can be produced on the workbench is as follows:

Armored Car – 4 seater (Snufkin)
Army Truck – 6 seater (Snufkin with stability and context edits by oakraven)
Raft – 4 seater (Snufkin)
Sled – 1 seater (Snufkin with additional comfort by oakraven)
Jet Pack – 1 seater (Snufkin)
Hell Beast – 2 seater motorcycle (Snufkin)
Parachute – 1 seater (Snufkin)
ATV – 2 seater motorcycle (Snufkin with functionality fix by oakraven)
Hell Hound 4×4 – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Fire – 2 seater motorcycle (oakraven)
Hell Spikey 4×4 – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Dog – 2 seater motorcycle (oakraven)
Shark Blimp – 2 seater (oakraven)
Whirligig – 3 seater ‘chopper’ (arramus, with 100% credit to Snufkin for the concept and supporting code as well as bdubyah for permission to use the settings for the MD-500 helicopter from Bdub’s Vehicles – https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11875-a19-bdubyahs-modlets/)
Magic Bus – 6 seater (oakraven)
Battle Bus – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Car – 4 seater (oakraven)
Bath Blimp – 1 seater (arramus)
Battle Bus Drone – 6 seater (oakraven with arramus assisting)
PeNa 1979 Express – 4 seater (oakraven) – Thank you to PeNa1979 for gameplay assistance.
Psyren Ride – 4 seater (oakraven)
Green Max – 4 seater (oakraven)
Red Max – 4 seater (oakraven)
Hell Piggy – 2 seater (oakraven)

Alsep & Atrum Islands available for download

This is Alsep Island (left) & Atrum Island (right) my 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501.  They are both working on 7 Days to Die – Alpha 19.0 Stable.

Feel free to download it to use on your private/public server 

Alsep Island Alsep Island is my original map and is currently running on my public server.




Atrum Island Atrum Island has had the Height Map adjust a bit for deeper water, island adjustments and additions then rotated and flipped.  It has all new roads and towns generated after the adjustments. 

Zombie settings adjusted

The number of zombies during the hord night and in general just started to become a little too…unfun.  I have adjusted them down a bit on both the 17.2 and the 17.4 servers.  

New 17.4 server added

I started a new server on 17.4 just called Atrumorbis 17.4 … I used the RWG built in to see what we get with this new version. It seems Nitrogen is still only supporting 17.3 maps as of 6/1/2019 so far. I generated a Nitrogen map also but was very curious how the new RWG generation is going. That’s what the 17.4 server is all about, just an exploration to see how much has changed with the client / RWG map generation. I hope they have improved the road generation, if not I may just stick to using Nitrogen generated maps as I love the roads that Damocles has been building with Nitrogen.

Kiroki Mountains to remain on Alpha 17.2

As requested by one of our Patrons, Kiroki Mountains PVP will remain on Alpha 17.2 for at least a few months.  I plan on doing a fresh map after the Alpha 18 branch is released to stable.  In the meantime, it should give us plenty of time to explore and continue to build on our bases and characters without fear of a version update wiping everything out.  To play on 17.2 make sure you modify your steam setting for 7 Days to Die to use the Alpha 17.2 branch instead of the current stable branch.

Bloodmoon Adjustment

I adjusted the Bloodmoon setting for the server today as the red dusk was almost never happening.   Bloodmoon frequency is now set to occur in no less than every 7 days but may have randomization that will let it drift up to 15 days.  Players will get an 8-hour warning in the game the Day number at the top of the screen will turn red.