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Hungry Beasts

And just like that as if Murphy for all of his quirks was on my side tonight, I drifted into a Pass-N-Gas just in time to search for a few liters to feed my fuel-starved Hell Beast of a motorcycle. 

No telling how much longer this luck would hold out with the sun going down.  With a bit of fear and apprehension, I hurriedly checked the long-abandoned gas pumps for fuel.   

A howl nearby alerted me that my motorcycle wasn’t the only hungry critter out late. I couched down pulling my spear free.   Normally I wouldn’t kill wolves but with the situation being what it is nowadays, a fresh kill is better than a 5-day old kill.  It was him or me, and since I was still in the good graces of Murphy I may have an opportunity to relieve that snapping son of bitch of his fur and much-needed sustenance.  

I crept to the side of the station and spotted the wolf silhouetted against the nearby water.   I drew the spear up taking aim.  With a grunt, I hurled the weapon, and with a yelp, the wolf lurched and with an ill-fated stagger pitched to the ground.   I rushed to the downed thrashing wolf with my hunting knife drawn, plunged the blade through its ribs eliciting another desperate yelp the hunter had become the prey.   

Strapping the kill to my motorcycle, I mounted and kicked the engine over.  By the time I arrived back at the Army post darkness had begun to fall.  As the night set in another pair of hungry beast feasted on wolf meat roasted over an open flame. 

New 12K and 16K AtrumIsland-Burnt maps available

New AtrumIsland maps in 12K and 16K are now available 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501.  They are both working on 7 Days to Die – Alpha 19.3 Stable.

Feel free to download it to use on your private/public server 


AtrumIsland16K-Burnt is a 16K x 16K size with a bit of a different biome mix than the 12K






Atrum Island – PvP 12K x 12K +Serverside mods

Come join us on Atrumorbis Gaming – Atrum Island


Serverside MODS 

Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles

Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles

White River – Tools Of Citizenship Quests

Yet Another Larger Backpack Mod 60 Slot Backpack





Player Killing: Kill Everyone

Difficulty: Nomad

Air Drops: 3 days 

Loot Respawn: 3 days

Loot Abundance: 150%

Claim Size: 150 blocks

Claim Health Online: Infinite

Claim Health Offline: Infinite

Show friends on map: On


The current vehicle list, which can be produced on the workbench is as follows:

Armored Car – 4 seater (Snufkin)
Army Truck – 6 seater (Snufkin with stability and context edits by oakraven)
Raft – 4 seater (Snufkin)
Sled – 1 seater (Snufkin with additional comfort by oakraven)
Jet Pack – 1 seater (Snufkin)
Hell Beast – 2 seater motorcycle (Snufkin)
Parachute – 1 seater (Snufkin)
ATV – 2 seater motorcycle (Snufkin with functionality fix by oakraven)
Hell Hound 4×4 – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Fire – 2 seater motorcycle (oakraven)
Hell Spikey 4×4 – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Dog – 2 seater motorcycle (oakraven)
Shark Blimp – 2 seater (oakraven)
Whirligig – 3 seater ‘chopper’ (arramus, with 100% credit to Snufkin for the concept and supporting code as well as bdubyah for permission to use the settings for the MD-500 helicopter from Bdub’s Vehicles –
Magic Bus – 6 seater (oakraven)
Battle Bus – 6 seater (oakraven)
Hell Car – 4 seater (oakraven)
Bath Blimp – 1 seater (arramus)
Battle Bus Drone – 6 seater (oakraven with arramus assisting)
PeNa 1979 Express – 4 seater (oakraven) – Thank you to PeNa1979 for gameplay assistance.
Psyren Ride – 4 seater (oakraven)
Green Max – 4 seater (oakraven)
Red Max – 4 seater (oakraven)
Hell Piggy – 2 seater (oakraven)

Cluster servers are up

The PIXark cluster servers are up.  We now have Sky and Island servers up for Atrumorbis Gaming.  You can travel back and forth via the Oblisk or a supply drop.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival server is up

We have an Empyrion – Galactic Survival server up and running on our new Windows server.  Look for Atrumoribs Gaming in the Unofficial server list.

New PixARK server started


We have PixARK up and running on our new Windows server.  Look for Atrumorbis Gaming – PixARK in the unofficial game list.

Dinosaurs of ARK Wordsearch Puzzle

Our new Wordsearch for this month is Dinosaurs of ARK.  See if you can find all the dinosaurs in this fun puzzle.  Look for the new Wordsearch puzzle under Arcade/Wordsearch in the menu above, or click the image to your right.

Alsep & Atrum Islands available for download

This is Alsep Island (left) & Atrum Island (right) my 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501.  They are both working on 7 Days to Die – Alpha 19.0 Stable.

Feel free to download it to use on your private/public server 

Alsep Island Alsep Island is my original map and is currently running on my public server.




Atrum Island Atrum Island has had the Height Map adjust a bit for deeper water, island adjustments and additions then rotated and flipped.  It has all new roads and towns generated after the adjustments. 

Firewall changes on the server side

Long gone are the days of using IPTables as the firewall service on our Linux server.  We are now using a very nice appliance to do our firewalling service.  It’s much nicer and easier to manage and gives us some good oversight on what traffic is coming into and going out of the network.  

Welcome to the Atrumorbis Gaming Community Channel

I have opened up registration and submission of content by the community.   Please keep thing Civil or suffer the consequences. 

Atrumorbis Gaming Cluster

We are currently running a 3 server cluster – PVE.  Feel free to join in.  (updated 12-29-2020)


  • Hardness Override 6 
  • Taming 6x
  • Gather 3x
  • Kill XP 2x
  • Harvest XP 2x
  • Generic XP 2x
  • Special XP 2x
  • EggHatching speed 15x
  • BabyMatureSpeed 15x
  • GlobalCorpseDecompositionTime 10x
  • CropGrowth 2x
  • Spikewalldamage true
  • Enhanced Engram Point distribution (enough for all engrams at max level)

Ark Rules:

  • Please don’t build near the Wyvern Caves on Crystal Isles as it will break the spawns.
  • No blocking of dungeon caves.
  • No pillaring of any kind. 
  • No blocking of significant resource locations.
  • Resources are to be shared by all and not reserved or hoarded by one tribe or person.
  • Be respectful to other players. 
  • No racist or hate speech will be tolerated.
  • Use of ANY Core game or Mod Cheats or Exploits will result in an immediate BAN!

A New Friend

I found myself laying on a gurney in an Army tent.  I woke up to a female voice trying to pull me out of my dazed slumber.  It took a minute or two of her gently slapping my face before I realized she was there.  She’s cute,  a welcome sight to these sore eyes.   

Like the big old hole in my life caused by this undead plague, I prodded at the fresh bloodstained hole in my BDU shirt as I sat up on the gurney.  An unfortunate result of the matching large gash in my left arm awarded by an undead solder that had managed to get the drop on me.  “You’re a bit torn up … I managed to sew that wound up, while you were out.  I let you sleep for while to regain some of your strength.”  Said the woman.  “You’re lucky I found you, you would have bled out if I hadn’t come along.”  She paused for a moment studying me before she continued.  “You should really keep a better eye on your surroundings if you want to keep your self alive.”.  “Thanks” I said through a sheepish grin as I tested the feel of my arm, swinging it slowly over my head in an arc and wincing at the stitching she had just finished.  “I’m Morggin”  I said as her green eyes met mine, she smiled and nodded.  “Nice to meet you Morggin, I’m Freya.”.  “I have a small camp on top of the main building if you’re interested in staying around for a bit.”  she offered.  “This place is pretty fortified, I was posted here when all of this trouble started,” she said as she leaned against a medicine cabinet.  “So what do you say… you’re the first scruffy nerf herder I have come across since all of this started. I could really use the company.”  

My grin grew as I stood up from the gurney.  “Sure, why not.”  She’s the first living person I have seen since this all started, I’m not about to abandon her.   Picking up a large oddly shaped spear she tossed it to me.  “Here, I made this a few days ago.”  I tested the weight of it.  My arm screamed as I hefted the spear, pointing it out I front of me.  Gingerly I shifted it to my other hand and thrust the spearhead out at an imaginary undead soldier hobbling my way.  This would work much better than the stone axe or even the club I had fashioned, much better indeed.  

Valguero save time adjusted

Adjusted save times to 30 minutes from 1 hour.  The map seems to still be a bit unstable and has rolled back two times since it came up.  That being said the map is beautiful and has a lot of potential. 

Zombie settings adjusted

The number of zombies during the hord night and in general just started to become a little too…unfun.  I have adjusted them down a bit on both the 17.2 and the 17.4 servers.  

ARK event season change

We have officially stopped the easter event as of June 1st and start the Archeology Event as requested by Freya the co-admin.  We will be doing a destroywilddinos to clean up any remnants of easter event dinos. We hope you enjoy the Archeology event. 

New 17.4 server added

I started a new server on 17.4 just called Atrumorbis 17.4 … I used the RWG built in to see what we get with this new version. It seems Nitrogen is still only supporting 17.3 maps as of 6/1/2019 so far. I generated a Nitrogen map also but was very curious how the new RWG generation is going. That’s what the 17.4 server is all about, just an exploration to see how much has changed with the client / RWG map generation. I hope they have improved the road generation, if not I may just stick to using Nitrogen generated maps as I love the roads that Damocles has been building with Nitrogen.

Fates Motel

I put together a mini bike this evening after finding the parts in a Pass-N-Gas.  Lucky find?  Maybe, not sure that luck will hold out if I stay here at the Fates Motel.  

Something tells me the rates will be MURDER.  Just look at the creepy house on the hill up behind the Motel.  I wonder if life as an undead zombie has changed Norman’s temperament any?  Likely not. I’m sure his mother would be more than happy to serve up a helping of Sweetbread.


All said and done it wasn’t a bad day/night.  

  • Built a mini bike from the parts found at Pass-n-Gas. 
  • Found some of the parts for Gyrocopter in the same Pass-n-Gas.
  • Escaped another blood moon horde by hopping on the mini bike and rode through the night. 
  • Avoided certain death at the hands of Zombie Norman and his ill-tempered mother at the Fates Motel.
  • Sipped on on a Cold beer as I rode through the night.

Under the Sun

The desert is a hot place to be sure.  The proliferation of the undead and their animal cronyism is all but certain as the sun in the sky.  Heat stroke is the last thing I need testing my implacability when set upon by this protracted nominalization.   I recall a pastor’s bible verse from back before this all began.

“I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”  

Please dear God, bring me out of this Antidisestablishmentarianism. It’s my 7th day and I don’t want to die.

Burning Desire

Set upon in the night I was caught by surprise as the undead had somehow discovered me.   I immediately got up and started to run.  Being it was still dark I had no choice but to light my torch to make sure I didn’t run headlong into a wandering party of them.  Like a moth to a flame, the undead in the vicinity started running after me.  Damn, they are fast.  They are also … flammable!  Flames didn’t seem to last very long but it was definitely entertaining to see a flaming zombie catch another on fire.  That being said my fun soon ran out as they caught me on fire also.  Lucky for me I was near water.  

Kiroki Mountains to remain on Alpha 17.2

As requested by one of our Patrons, Kiroki Mountains PVP will remain on Alpha 17.2 for at least a few months.  I plan on doing a fresh map after the Alpha 18 branch is released to stable.  In the meantime, it should give us plenty of time to explore and continue to build on our bases and characters without fear of a version update wiping everything out.  To play on 17.2 make sure you modify your steam setting for 7 Days to Die to use the Alpha 17.2 branch instead of the current stable branch.

Bloodmoon Adjustment

I adjusted the Bloodmoon setting for the server today as the red dusk was almost never happening.   Bloodmoon frequency is now set to occur in no less than every 7 days but may have randomization that will let it drift up to 15 days.  Players will get an 8-hour warning in the game the Day number at the top of the screen will turn red.

ARK The Island hardness settings adjusted

Hardness on ARK – The Island has been reduced to default so that the Boss fights can be undertaken at default levels instead of Hardness override 6.   Atrum tribe is in preparation to take the bosses down and start getting some good drops.

Donation button added

On request, I have added a Paypal donation button at the bottom of the site.  Please don’t feel obligated to donate.  It’s nice but not necessary for me to keep running the servers.  As a reward though I do add you to the Patron status on Discord and will be honored on or Patronage wall.  Thank you [BBF]hisgun for being the first donator to the site.


ARK Maps update

I’m working on incorporating some new maps for ARK which involves modifying the javascript associated with them.  I would like to give full credit to the author Exhumed who has graciously allowed me to use his modified maps.  I’m still working on this at the moment and will make another post as soon as the maps section has been updated. Exhumed maps can all be obtained for your own use from