A New Friend

I found myself laying on a gurney in an Army tent.  I woke up to a female voice trying to pull me out of my dazed slumber.  It took a minute or two of her gently slapping my face before I realized she was there.  She’s cute,  a welcome sight to these sore eyes.   

Like the big old hole in my life caused by this undead plague, I prodded at the fresh bloodstained hole in my BDU shirt as I sat up on the gurney.  An unfortunate result of the matching large gash in my left arm awarded by an undead solder that had managed to get the drop on me.  “You’re a bit torn up … I managed to sew that wound up, while you were out.  I let you sleep for while to regain some of your strength.”  Said the woman.  “You’re lucky I found you, you would have bled out if I hadn’t come along.”  She paused for a moment studying me before she continued.  “You should really keep a better eye on your surroundings if you want to keep your self alive.”.  “Thanks” I said through a sheepish grin as I tested the feel of my arm, swinging it slowly over my head in an arc and wincing at the stitching she had just finished.  “I’m Morggin”  I said as her green eyes met mine, she smiled and nodded.  “Nice to meet you Morggin, I’m Freya.”.  “I have a small camp on top of the main building if you’re interested in staying around for a bit.”  she offered.  “This place is pretty fortified, I was posted here when all of this trouble started,” she said as she leaned against a medicine cabinet.  “So what do you say… you’re the first scruffy nerf herder I have come across since all of this started. I could really use the company.”  

My grin grew as I stood up from the gurney.  “Sure, why not.”  She’s the first living person I have seen since this all started, I’m not about to abandon her.   Picking up a large oddly shaped spear she tossed it to me.  “Here, I made this a few days ago.”  I tested the weight of it.  My arm screamed as I hefted the spear, pointing it out I front of me.  Gingerly I shifted it to my other hand and thrust the spearhead out at an imaginary undead soldier hobbling my way.  This would work much better than the stone axe or even the club I had fashioned, much better indeed.  

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