Fates Motel

I put together a mini bike this evening after finding the parts in a Pass-N-Gas.  Lucky find?  Maybe, not sure that luck will hold out if I stay here at the Fates Motel.  

Something tells me the rates will be MURDER.  Just look at the creepy house on the hill up behind the Motel.  I wonder if life as an undead zombie has changed Norman’s temperament any?  Likely not. I’m sure his mother would be more than happy to serve up a helping of Sweetbread.


All said and done it wasn’t a bad day/night.  

  • Built a mini bike from the parts found at Pass-n-Gas. 
  • Found some of the parts for Gyrocopter in the same Pass-n-Gas.
  • Escaped another blood moon horde by hopping on the mini bike and rode through the night. 
  • Avoided certain death at the hands of Zombie Norman and his ill-tempered mother at the Fates Motel.
  • Sipped on on a Cold beer as I rode through the night.

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