Night Approaches

Day 1 – Kiroki Mountains

As darkness descends around me.  I reflect on the day’s accomplishments and lessons learned.  I woke with a note signed by some guy named Noah hastily written and placed on my bare chest.  It’s a bit unsettling to know that I’m being watched, ranks right up there with the undead shuffling all around.  With a few precautions, I have been able to remain beneath notice.



  • Bedroll crafted from plant fiber.  It’s kind of itchy but it will have to do for now.  Throwing it out here under a tree offers me some protection from being seen.  I figure as long as I don’t build a fire tonight I should be able to crouch and climb into the bag and not be disturbed by the unfriendly denizens.
  • I was able to craft myself some clothing from more of that plant fiber as well.  Again, itchy as all get-out.  I’m sure after some wear it will become more comfortable. It will do, until I can scavenge up some real clothing I guess.
  • I found a nice sturdy ash branch to make myself a bow from.  I gathered some bird feathers (and eggs) from the bird nests around the lake shore, then proceeded to put together some arrows using some rudimentary stone arrowheads.  Should go nicely with the Stone Axe I put together as well.

Lessons learned

  • Seem to be a lot of the dead walking about here in the Kiroki Mountains.  I wasn’t sure if the infection had spread this far into the Mountains.  I was hoping for a safe haven by coming here.  Turns out it’s no different from where I came from in North Kowuti.  It’s a good thing I had crafted that bow, I had to use it in short order to dispatch some the more persistent shufflers.
  • The dead are tough here.  I figure I can bring one of them down with four arrows if I can park them in just the right spot.
  • Fire is not a good idea.  I had my torch out for a bit but the dead seem to be attracted to the flame.

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